Data Services

More Access. More Analytics.

In today’s data-driven world, we help you maximize mission success by finding new ways to reduce the complexity and costs associated with the collection, transformation, delivery, and management of disparate information.

Intelligent Data Dissemination (IDDF)

Agile Product
Benefits to you:
  • Accelerated dissemination of data products to users
  • Event-driven, on demand Data-as-a-Service
  • Robust, flexible microservices architecture
  • Improved big data processing performance
Agile Development Services

More Value. Less Time.

Our agile methodologies align with your largest programs. We understand that diluted, one-size-fits-all type solutions don’t work. We, on the other hand, design tailored programs that fit your unique needs and offer the right solutions that contribute to achieving your mission. To do this, our frameworks include:

  • Scrum
  • DevSecOps
  • SAFe
  • Agile Factory
Our agile experts have worked in the largest enterprise delivery programs in the federal government. We work with product owners every step of the way through our Agile Product Owner Lifecycle (APOL). We deliver coaching, PMO support, and transparency to all stakeholders and users.
Human Centered Design

People in Control

We apply leading methods of Human-Centered Design (HCD) with proven User Interface (UI) techniques to deliver IDeation™. IDeation™ is our unique capability and represents a paradigm shift in User Experiences that are powerfully intuitive and easy to use. The cornerstones of this capability include:

  • 1–2 week design sprints to quickly gain understanding and critical insights into needs, associated challenges, and value drivers.
  • Rapid solution prototyping and visual wireframes within days
  • Frequent user feedback
  • Solution demonstration to stakeholders and users
  • Iterative development through product teams

Advanced DevSecOps for the Digital Age

We can answer your critical enterprise-scale program question:
How can safety of data, users, and mission be maintained, while ensuring that the products used are as powerful as possible? At IgniteAction, we believe in building security into everything that we do. In fact, we do just that – at the code level!

1 Envision.IT

IDeation™ turns a vision into actionable designs with HCD

2 Buckle.UP

Best-of-Breed methods and technologies for complex challenges

3 Take.Action

Build apps at mission speed with Intelligent Automation and AI/ML

4 Fast.Iterate

Rapid Prototyping and Continual Feedback gets what you need fast

5 Continuous.Delivery

Constant Value delivered Securely to advance your mission.

Our Agile Value Factory (AVF) methodology seamlessly integrates operational and cybersecurity with all our deliveries, realizing benefits such as:.
  • Data-driven transparency
  • Operational & cyber resiliency
  • Extreme predictability
  • Rapid delivery